GHCR 95.9 FM is a "micro" radio station that broadcasts a low-power signal within the Grant Houses only


FCC Part 15 Rules

  • GHCR 95.9 FM is a legal FM Radio Station that operates under the FCC Part 15 Rules
  • FCC Part 15 rules state that individuals, businesses and educational institutions are free to operate a fully compliant (low-power) Part 15 station without a license


Community News and Information

  • Stay tuned to GHCR 95.9 FM for information and announcements from Grant Houses Resident Association
  • Operating 24/7 here at Grant Houses


Emergency Communications

GHCR 95.9 FM is partners with City College's WHCR Emergency Broadcast Team (WEBT)    WEBTLogo

  • WEBT collects real-time emergency information from its community-based reporters and first responders and shares it with GHCR 95.9 FM
  • During emergencies stay tuned to GHCR 95.9 FM for up-to-the-minute information about what's happening in OUR neighborhood


Listen to 95.9 FM on your Cell Phone (Does not need to be active!)

  • Go to Google Playstore or iphone App Store and download free NextRadio App
  • This app activates an FM chip that is built into every cell phone
  • Plug in your headphone or earplug (which acts as an FM antenna) and start listening to GHCR 95.9 FM
  • It uses very little battery power
  • Emergency Radio Service that works when there is no Internet or cell phone connection
  • For more info check out this video